Should Retailers charge extra on Aadhar Withdrawal

Should Retailers charge extra on Aadhar Withdrawal?

Should Retailers charge extra money on Aadhaar withdrawal?

No, As per RBI’s guideline Retailer should not charge extra money on any customer. Because NPCI provides commission on the every transaction done by retailer. Still some retailers charge money from customers, which is illegal.

There are some AEPS companies that are repeatedly informing their retailers not to take extra money from customers, and there are some less expanding companies that never tell their customers about this.

If you are a distributor or a super distributor, then it’s your duty to inform them about the illegal activities.

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Reason for taking extra money –

Mostly the AEPS service is used in rural areas, as most people in rural areas are unable to visit their bank branch, so they go to the nearest CSP to complete their banking work.

CSP operators have to withdraw money by going to an ATM or bank branch, if able to go to the bank, they can withdraw the entire amount together and save a lot of banking charges.

Some of the reasons are given below, that indicate the retailer’s intention to recover additional money

  • If the retailer withdraws money from the ATM machine repeatedly, the number of cash withdrawals becomes higher, due to which the SMS fee has to be paid more.
  • every bank has fixed limit to his users to do limited ATM transaction in a month, above the fixed limit of transactions, bank start to charge 20 to 30 rupees per transaction.
  • If the retailer’s daily income is low, retailers charge extra money from customers.
  • If retailer does not have side business to make more money.
Nandeshwar Katenga

The author is a Computer Engineer and has been working in the field of AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) since 2016, in roles such as retailer, distributor, and super distributor. They also enjoy writing blogs related to technical, marketing, programming, and more. You can contact them at [email protected] and WhatsApp.

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