A Complete Guide to Mantra Device Recharge / Renew

A Complete Guide to Mantra Device Recharge

You may already knows that, Mantra MFS 100 fingerprint scanners, is a biometric device that utilizes fingerprints for authentication and identification purposes. These devices are designed to capture and scan fingerprints using optical sensors to ensure accuracy and reliability in various applications like banking, education, healthcare, and hospitality. Here is how a Mantra device works and how you can recharge the device?

How Mantra Device works?

The Mantra MFS 100 device captures and scans fingerprints to verify identity, control access, and track attendance. Its optical sensor takes a picture of the fingerprint using an image sensor and light source, processing it to match with a database of stored fingerprint images for identification. The device connects to a PC or laptop via a USB port and is compatible with a wide range of applications and software.

Features of Mantra Device

  • Mantra devices are known for their accuracy, dependability, and high standards, meeting ANSI-378 requirements for fingerprint templates.
  • The optical sensors in Mantra devices are scratch-free and resistant to dust and moisture, enhancing their reliability in various environments.
  • These devices are designed to work with various biometric software applications, making them versatile and suitable for different settings.

Steps to Recharge Mantra MFS 100

The steps to recharge / renew Mantra MFS 100 – RD Service, are as follows:

Step 1) Ensure you have the necessary details like the Mantra device serial number, which can be found on the sticker of the device or by running a test to locate it if faded.

Step 2) We are authorized RD Service Renewal Partners of MantraTec, Click on the following link is for Mantra RD recharge or renewal – Click here.

Step 3) Click on the “add to cart” button, Fill all the details and pay the recharge / renewal fee.

Here, you recharge / renewal process is completed, Now you can use you device forAadhar authentication and other purpose.

What is the cost of recharging a mantra device?

The cost of recharging a Mantra device, such as the Mantra MFS100, can vary depending on the service provider and the specific terms of the recharge service. Typically, the first year of the new device’s RD services is offered free of cost. After the initial free period, you may need to renew the RD service by paying a fee, which can differ based on the service provider and any promotional offers available at the time of recharge. NSK Multiservices offers RD Service Recharge / Renewal at Rs. 149

What is the duration of the renewed mantra RD service?

The duration of the renewed Mantra RD service is typically for one year, providing users with a full year of service after the renewal process is completed successfully. This duration ensures continued access to the RD service features and support for an extended period, allowing users to utilize their Mantra devices effectively and securely.

Importance of Recharging Mantra Devices

The importance of recharging Mantra devices lies in ensuring continuous functionality and optimal performance. By recharging these devices, you can maintain uninterrupted operation like biometric authentication, keeping them operational and ready for use at all times. This practice is crucial for various industries and applications, including banking, government, corporate, education, healthcare, and hospitality, where secure identification and access control are essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the duration of the renewed Mantra RD service?

    The renewed Mantra RD service typically lasts for one year, providing users with a full year of service after successful renewal.

  2. What is the cost associated with recharging a Mantra device?

    The cost of recharging a Mantra device varies depending on the service provider and any promotional offers available. Typically, the first year of RD services is free, and subsequent renewals may involve a fee. NSK Multiservices charges Rs.149 for one year – Mantra RD Service renewal.

  3. How do I recharge or renew my Mantra device’s RD service?

    To recharge or renew your Mantra device’s RD service, ensure you have the device serial number, then visit the authorized RD service renewal portal, fill in the required details, and pay the recharge/renewal fee.

  4. In which industries are Mantra devices commonly used?

    Mantra devices find applications in banking (AePS and eKYC), government, corporate, education, healthcare, hospitality, and law enforcement sectors for access control, time tracking, identification, and criminal identification purposes.

  5. Why is it important to recharge Mantra devices?

    Recharging Mantra devices ensures continuous functionality and optimal performance. Without RD Subscription Mantra Device can not be used for Aadhar Authentication.


The article “Mantra device recharge” provides a comprehensive guide on how to recharge Mantra devices, specifically focusing on the Mantra MFS100 fingerprint reader. It emphasizes the advantages of recharging the Mantra MFS100, such as ensuring continuous functionality and uninterrupted operation of the device. The article outlines the steps to recharge the device. Additionally, it highlights the importance of renewing the Mantra RD service, offering insights into the renewal process and the duration of the renewed service. Overall, the article serves as a valuable resource for users looking to recharge and renew their Mantra devices effectively.

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