PAX D180 USB Driver – Micro ATM(64 bit OS type)

PAX D180 USB Driver – Micro ATM(64 bit OS type)

PAX D180 USB Driver – Micro ATM(64 bit OS type):
PAX D180 is the name of mPOS Device developed by PAX Technologies (American Company) . PAX D180 Device is the one which mostly sold in India. Few days before, PAX D180 device was provided by every Fintech Company. When new alternative products launched by other competitors its demand decreased.

At the bottom, you will find the Download link of “PAX D180 USB Driver”.


What is Device Driver?

A device driver is a small piece of software that tells the Operating System and other software how to communicate with a PAX D180 Device.

PAX D180 USB Driver - Micro ATM(64 bit OS type)

How Drivers works?

Think of device drivers like translators between a program you’re using and a device that that program wants to utilize somehow. The software and the hardware were created by different people or companies and speak two completely different languages, so a translator (the driver) allows them to communicate.

In other words, a software program can provide information to a driver to explain what it wants a piece of hardware to do, information the device driver understands and then can fulfill with the hardware.

How Connect PAX D180 with Laptop/PC or Smartphone

PAX D180 Device comes with Bluetooth Connectivity and Micro USB interface. Bluetooth is used to connect to mobile phones and Micro USB interface is to connect with PC/Laptop.
No need to install additional software to use with smartphone whereas drivers are required for laptop/PC.
You can download Drivers for PAX D180 from below link.

PAX D180 USB Driver Download – Micro ATM(64 bit OS type)

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