How to use Mini ATM

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What is Mini ATM Device

There are many Mini ATM Service providers in India, However today we are discuss about RNFI Services (Relipay). RNFI Services is the best and cheapest Mini ATM service provider.

These types of devices are based on Bluetooth connectivity. Means merchant need to pair/connect device with mobile App, so that he can carry on Debit card based transactions. The debit card transactions are truly MDR Free, means merchant doesn’t need to pay any charges, on the contrary merchant receive handsome commission on every transaction up to Rs.10.

Until today, RNFI Services provides four different Mini ATM models – D180, ME30S, MP63 and AF60S. D180 is the old device and the latest device is AF60S.

How to use Micro ATM

If you have any type of store then device is perfect to convert shop into ATM machine and increase footfall of customers.

Here we have enlisted all the steps to use Mini ATM

  1. To use Mini ATM, you need to do registration and upload required KYC Documents using Relipay App. [Contact us to get registered]
  2. After completion KYC, merchant can use App and Device.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth on mobile, an also turn on Bluetooth on Mini ATM device.
  4. Pair mobile with ATM device.
  5. Open Relipay App, and enter customer’s mobile number (Any) and amount and then click on proceed button.
  6. After that, customer need to insert debit card into Mini ATM and enter PIN number of ATM Card.
  7. after successful transaction merchant will receive amount in his Relipay wallet.
  8. whenever merchant need this money, he can do settlement to his own bank account.

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